Thomas W. Hodgkinson

Memoirs of a Stalker

by Thomas W. Hodgkinson
Silvertail Books, January 2016

Could you live secretly in someone else’s home without being discovered? How would you eat? Where would you sleep? Could you move about at night? These are all questions facing Jack, after he is broken up with by Mills, and, without really meaning to, finds himself climbing in through her basement window. As far as he’s concerned, this is the best place for him to recover from their break-up. And once he has done that, he can apply himself to the steeper challenge of trying to win her back. 

“Blackly comic.”
Francesca Angelini, The Sunday Times

“A brilliantly surreal thriller.”
Jeff Noon, The Spectator

Memoirs of a Stalker “unsettles by making Jack a character it might be possible to relate to” and “makes you reconsider the things we allow heartbroken men to get away with”.
Sam Kitchener, Literary Review