The Odyssey

by Thomas W. Hodgkinson
A hero struggles to return home after ten years at war. And when he does, he finds his house has been taken over by thugs, intent on marrying his wife. This is a more or less faithful adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. 

The Magnificent Kate Morgan

by Thomas W. Hodgkinson
As a way to avoid commitment, Jimmy has invented a devastating ex-girlfriend named Kate Morgan, a beautiful actress who broke his heart. Then he meets her. This romantic comedy was a finalist at the 2014 Sun Valley Film Festival.

Memoirs of a Stalker

by Thomas W. Hodgkinson and Daisy Aitkens
Jack doesn’t intend to break into his ex-girlfriend’s home. He doesn’t intend to stay there for months, keeping out of sight and watching her. It just sort of happens. But after it does, it occurs to him that, if he treads carefully, he could do more than just watch. This horror-comedy was a finalist at the 2013 Austin Film Festival. It belongs to Parkdrive Pictures.