Thomas W. Hodgkinson

Snow White

Richmond Theatre, London

Exotic sets, eye-candy costumes, a Prince Charming as handsome as your average Foxtons employee — this is the best-looking panto in town. Oh yes it is! That’s not to mention Mia Starbuck’s dazzling Snow White, who uncannily resembles the cartoon character. No surprise that the hapless palace servant Muddles (Jon Clegg) is lovelorn. Ahhh! It’s all a backdrop for a slovenly, slouching Jo Brand, who, as the Wicked Queen, is destined to captivate the audience regardless of how much effort she puts in. For the adults, there are potshots at parts of west London (“I’ve been in a bad place recently — Hounslow”) and blunderbuss innuendo (“Snow White expects to be wooed” — “She can be as wooed as she likes with me”); for the children, forgettable pop, energetic dancing and effortful comic routines. It’s as mad and random as a panto ought to be, and a knockout.