Thomas W. Hodgkinson

Locations from Spectre

Italy, Mexico, Austria, Morocco, England
Daily Mail, October 2015

Bond is back to his usual tricks and of course this involves some of the most impressive backdrops on earth. 

Perhaps one of the most well-travelled movie characters, Bond’s adventures spanning over 24 films across five decades have taken him to some of the most scenic corners of the world – and latest instalment, Spectre is no different. 

From a colourful festival in Mexico to the dramatic snowy ski resort in Austria, here are some of the exotic destinations featuring in the film and how you can have your own Bond stay there. 


What happens in Spectre: Bond slides behind the wheel of his Aston Martin and heads for the Holy City. 

He enjoys a steamy scene with sizzling Italian actress Monica Bellucci, followed by a scorching car chase along the walkways by the river Tiber. 

Then the suave spy ejects out of his car and parachutes to the ground next to the Ponte Sisto. Bellissimo!

Your Bond moment: Take in a vodka martini in the snazzy Stravinskij Bar of the Hotel de Russie, known to be a haunt of Bellucci. 

Then go for a stroll by the Tiber. Nip across the Ponte Sisto and sample excellent cuisine at Trastevere’s Checco er Carettiere taverna.

Where would Bond bed down: In Monica Bellucci’s apartment, of course. 

Failing that, book a room at the exclusive Aldrovandi, tucked away from the tourist crush. 

Doubles from £148 (


What happens in Spectre: In one of the best pre-credits sequences of any Bond film, Daniel Craig sways through the crowd, clad in a skeleton costume during the delightfully morbid Day of the Dead festival in the streets of Mexico City. 

There follows a life-and-death struggle in a helicopter as it swoops over the majestic Zocalo Square.

Your Bond moment: Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival, held every year from October 31 to November 2, should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

Be sure, too, to take in the wonderful Museo Frida Kahlo. 

As well as painting dreamlike masterpieces, Kahlo had an extra-marital fling with exiled Soviet leader Leon Trotsky.

Where would Bond bed down: 007 likes to blend in when on assignment. 

You can lie low at the stylish Downtown Mexico hotel. 

And you won’t have to clean up in the casino to afford it. From £93 a night (


What happens in Spectre: The trail leads to Austria and a lonely cabin by the misty shores of Lake Altaussee. 

Then on to the ski resort of Solden and the transparent cube on a mountain that is the newly built Ice Q restaurant. 

In the film it doubles as a health resort, where Bond scorns the carrot juice, but is glad to flirt with the pert Dr Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux).

Your Bond moment: Ice Q is, hands down, the most awe-inspiring Alpine location in a Bond movie since Blofeld’s research station in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. 

So if you’re planning a skiing holiday in Solden, the restaurant will be a good bet for a lunch of bratwurst mit rosti. 

Not if you suffer from vertigo, though. Ice Q sits atop the 3,048m Mt Gaislachkogl.

Where would Bond bed down: The only five-star hotel is Das Central.

It has two restaurants, an extensive spa and an impressive selection of vintage wines in its cellar. 

Doubles from £290 (


What happens in Spectre: In their quest to track down the head of Spectre, Bond and Swann head to Tangier. 

A clue sends them off on a train trip across the Sahara.

There’s a suave scene in the dining car, then a punch-up with a baddie followed by frantic lovemaking with a beautiful Bond girl. 

Your Bond moment: Train lovers can book a cross-desert trip on the Oriental Desert Express, which features in the film. 

However, it’s not cheap, with an eight-day tour setting you back £1,449 ( 

Or book yourself a camel tour at

Where would Bond bed down: For fine views over Tangier, stay at the Villa Josephine, former home of a pasha famous for throwing extravagant parties. 

Rooms from £245 a night (


What happens in Spectre: No need to spoil the ending, but it takes Bond back to the capital for the mother of all showdowns — which, conveniently enough, takes place in front of tourist hotspots such as the Palace of Westminster and the London Eye.

Your Bond moment: It is possible to take a tour of Big Ben, which appears in Spectre, but you can only do so by contacting your MP. 

Or take a boat trip on the Thames (

Where would Bond bed down: 007 has a flat in Notting Hill, at 1 Stanley Crescent, to be precise. 

The Portobello Hotel, in the next street, is a chic and affordable option. 

Johnny Depp brought Kate Moss there and filled the bath with champagne. 

Doubles from £195 (